19 June, 2024

Sustainability meets high performance

Insute 25-pro

SUMTEQ sets new standards in the insulation industry with the Insute product line: sustainability meets high performance

At the beginning of June, SUMTEQ GmbH was invited by the Federal President to present its innovative high-performance insulation solutions at Woche der Umwelt in the park of Bellevue Palace. As an exhibitor, SUMTEQ showed the Insute products and gave an insight into how energy can be saved sustainably by using the products. The event provided an excellent platform to showcase the unique benefits and environmentally friendly aspects of Insute solutions to a wide audience.

Semana del Medio Ambiente 2024
Woche der Umwelt 2024

SUMTEQ is pursuing the mission of "Redefining the value of plastics". With Insute, this mission is set to become reality. Insute insulating materials are produced in an energy-efficient manner and using a climate-neutral blowing agent. The material is particularly suitable for use in the construction sector as it is both breathable and extremely stable. Developed as a high-performance insulating material, Insute impresses with its insulating properties and therefore makes a significant contribution to saving energy. This has a particular impact on the construction sector, as buildings account for 40 % of energy consumption in Europe alone.

SUMTEQ has developed the Insute 25-pro blow-in insulation material from its new Insute product line. This insulation material is especially suitable for retrofitting core insulation in old buildings. With this type of insulation for double-skin masonry, the insulating material is blown into the cavity via drill holes in the masonry. In this way, buildings can be insulated within a day while retaining the façade. Thanks to the small grain size of Insute 25-pro, even very narrow cavities can be effectively filled and insulated.

Insute 25-pro
Application of Insute 25-pro

Insute is also used as an insulating material in screeds and plaster systems and gives the products maximum insulating properties. In addition, the material provides them with both greater stability and diffusion openness.

A standout feature of the Insute product line is its reusability. Insute 25-pro can be easily extracted from cavities and reinserted. During building deconstruction, Insute is recovered even from insulation plasters and reused. This reduces waste and promotes sustainable construction practices.

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