02 February, 2017

SUMTEQ GmbH im Global Gypsum Magazine


The Global Gypsum Magazine (January 2017 issue, p. 32) reports on the capital increase of SUMTEQ GmbH by Va-Q-Tec AG:

Va-Q-Tec is increasing its equity stake in Sumteq, a technology company that develops innovative polymer nanofoams with insulation properties, to expand its portfolio of high-performance products. Va-Q-Tec initially acquired an equity stake in Sumteq in autumn 2015. As technological and sales milestones have been achieved ahead of time, Va-Q-Tec is now supporting Sumteq with additional funds for its further development.

Both companies are also linked by a strategic partnership. Joint objectives include the pilot testing and market launch of Sumteq products as a further high-performance insulation material, as well as knowledge exchange on the development and production of nanoporous and mesoporous foams. The strategic partnership of- fers both companies the possibility to contribute their respective expertise and consequently create added value for their customers.

As an innovative start-up, Sumteq with its new type of nano- foam possesses a highly interesting and groundbreaking product for many markets. We’ll be happy to contribute our expertise to assist its market launch. The Sumteq technology has the potential to fundamentally revolutionise nanocell foam production. We are convinced that Sumteq’s nanofoams provide an excellent supple- ment to our vacuum insulation panels. They t excellently into our long-term technology roadmap,” said Joachim Kuhn, co-founder and CEO of Va-Q-Tec.”

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