As pioneers in the field of ultrafine-pored polymers, we have succeeded with our material class Sumfoam in establishing the world's first scalable polymer foams with nanoporous sizes successfully in the market.


Pore size
0.1 μm


Pore size
0.1 μm

same magnification

Common Foams

Pore size
100 μm

Common Foams

Pore size
0.1 μm


At less than 100 nanometres, Sumfoam-class foams have a pore structure that is more than a thousand times smaller than that of conventional foams. These exceptionally tiny pores and the webs that form the foam matrix open up a wealth of advantages in various areas. For example, the structure results in particularly high stability and compressive strength - and that at a simultaneously low density.

Even the smallest particle still has many millions of pores that are homogeneously distributed throughout the material. This makes it possible to grind the foam to customer specifications without affecting its performance.

Finest grinding
with full efficiency

High stability and
compressive strength




Sumfoam technology forms the foundation for our Insute and Capsute product lines. These have been specifically designed for insulation applications and as carrier materials for liquids and make optimum use of the properties of Sumfoam.

The Better Insulation

Energy-efficient solutions for
construction and technical applications

The More Efficient Carrier

For processing liquids
and for microencapsulation

Product Development
Diverse fields of application

In cooperation with our industrial partners,
we are continuously working on the
development of new products

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