Capsute 2

The More Efficient Carrier

Our carrier material reliably binds liquids and releases them again in a targeted manner. In addition to its tiny pore size and ultra-fine structure, Capsute is characterised by its open pores.

This unique combination of properties brings several advantages at the same time:

The smaller the pores, the greater the capillary effect.

This causes liquids to be absorbed and firmly bound within seconds like a sponge. The open pore structure enables a very high capacity. Thanks to this combination of properties, Capsute is optimally suited for liquid absorption and is still free-flowing even when heavily loaded. In this way, functional substances can be made available quickly and easily in dry form.

Capsute has a wide range of applications

In addition to its use as a carrier material for so-called dry liquids in the plastics industry Capsute also offers an effective solution in the field of microencapsulation.

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