23 March, 2023

We are member of kunststoffland NRW

Kunstoffland NRW

“Plastics can do a lot.” – That’s how kunststoffland NRW e.V. summarize their recent visit to our location. Not only did the association’s CEO, Dr. Brinitzer, gain new insights at the end of the day, but we also benefited from the conversation. “Redefining the Value of Plastics” – that’s our vision.

We understand the vital role that plastics play in modern life. Without plastic, a life like the one we have today would be unimaginable. However, we also recognize that plastic has a negative reputation due to its impact on the environment. Mr. Brinitzer was able to see during his visit to us that it can be different and sustainable

Kunststoffland NRW is an association based in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, that is dedicated to the promotion of the plastics industry in the region. The association brings together companies, institutions and other organizations to work on projects and topics of common interest, such as innovation and sustainability. This is why we have joined kunststoffland NRW, which stands for circular economy. Together with other members, we form a strong team in promoting sustainable innovation.

photography by Image People

Find more information about our participation and insights into kunststoffland NRW here 

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