Microencap- sulation

Small capsule, big effect

The capillary effect also plays a decisive role in microencapsulation, as is the case, for example, with the absorption of fragrance oils. These are immediately absorbed by Capsute at the moment of addition and mixing or also by spraying on. Over a long period of time, the Capsute capsules then successively release the fragrance into the environment and can be effortlessly reloaded again and again.

This is how Capsute finds extensive use in the textile industry. When processed in printing inks, the capsules absorb sprayed perfumes thanks to their porous structure, giving sports and leisure clothing a long-lasting individual touch.

The technology also opens up many other possibilities, such as the finishing of 3D prints or gift articles. Even food packaging can be provided with Capsute capsules, as the capsules are approved for food contact.

Capsute binds fragrances in textile prints for weeks.

Capsute microcapsules not only provide pleasant fragrances, but they also play a decisive role in the binding and targeted release of biocides. These properties find a variety of applications, for example in the field of mould prevention in sealants for damp rooms through the use of fungicides. They also enable the successive release of algicides in exterior paints. In the agricultural sector, the capsules release pesticides for pest control. The precise way in which the active ingredient is delivered enables the substances to be used effectively, leading to increased efficiency and optimized results in the application areas.

Capsute is even ideal for maintaining a constant temperature. By encapsulating phase change materials (PCM), the required temperature can be ensured over a long period of time. From cold packs for keeping food fresh to heat-generating pillows, PCMs offer a wide range of applications in different temperature ranges. The desired temperature is maintained by the phase transition from solid to liquid. An outstanding advantage of Capsute is that, with the help of encapsulation, these materials can undergo the phase change without moisture escaping, which opens up completely new application possibilities.



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