Dry Liquids

Processing liquids efficiently

In the rubber and plastics industry, manufacturers are often faced with the challenge of not being able to process liquids directly. This is where Capsute comes in. The functional additives are dosed into the carrier material and mixed homogeneously. Capsute absorbs the liquid substance and makes it available in dry form for further processing. Low- to high-viscosity substances, volatile liquids and even waxes can thus be easily introduced into the production process.

Capsute is an extremely versatile carrier material, suitable for both masterbatching and compounding. From coarse to fine: thanks to its nanoporous structure, it can be flexibly adjusted in grain size and achieves maximum performance even in the smallest powder particles. This makes it suitable for applications in a wide variety of fields. Capsute binds additives such as plasticizers, stabilizers, flame retardants, anti-fog agents or antistatics. It ensures that the substances are homogeneously distributed in the end product and thus reduces the migration of the liquids. In addition to these benefits, Capsute is used to mask reactive substances to prevent undesired premature chemical reactions and thus ensure safe handling of hazardous substances.

In the rubber and plastics industry, manufacturers are often faced with the challenge of not being able to process liquids directly.

Advantages compared to
organic and inorganic carrier materials

  • Higher loading capacity
  • Very fast absorption
  • Strong binding – minimized migration
  • Stable for long-term storage
  • Higher loading capacity
  • Full liquid transfer
  • No inorganic residues
  • Equipment-friendly – not abrasive

Recycling and processing of PVC in one step by using liquids provided by Capsute in dry form

Thanks to its solid structure and small pores, Capsute is also characterized by its storage stability. Even with long storage times, the bound liquid remains firmly anchored in the product. Since Capsute is purely organic, it is ideal for processing rubber and plastic products. Furthermore, no inorganic residues remain in the product. The equipment is well-protected as Capsute's non-abrasive nature prevents damage to extruder screws or cylinders, even with larger quantities added.


Flame retardants

Reactive agents

Anti-fog additives


Antistatic agents

Blowing agents


Antimicrobial agents



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