28 September, 2018

Successful round of financing for Cologne technology start-up SUMTEQ (PM)


New investors with a long-term investment horizon.
Existing investors are also injecting additional capital.
Realization of the next scaling level.

The technology start-up SUMTEQ GmbH in Cologne secures fresh capital in the low single-digit million range: SUMTEQ has concluded the Series B financing round with the participation of CCFJ GmbH asset management and HeLiFra GmbH participation. In the past, the Würzburgbased technology company va-Q-tec AG and maubach.icp GmbH have already invested in SUMTEQ, and have kept their respective shareholdings constant in the current financing round. Like the existing investors, the two new shareholders are characterised by a long-term investment strategy. The newly raised capital will enable SUMTEQ to realize the next level of scaling as part of the ongoing industrialization of the innovative SUMTEQ technology.

Cologne – based SUMTEQ GmbH was founded in 2014 as a spin-off of the University of Cologne. Using a novel and patented manufacturing process, SUMTEQ is the first company worldwide to succeed in developing Polymer nanofoams with pores in the micrometer and submicrometer range for scalable production on an industrial scale. The innovative foams have a unique combination of material properties, which among other things enable highly efficient insulation performance. The medium-term goal is to commercialize these unique foams under the SUMFOAM brand in the field of high-performance insulation and other technical applications, and to further expand the technological innovation lead in the coming years.

va-Q-tec AG (ISIN DE0006636681 / WKN 663668) – a technologically leading provider of highly efficient products and solutions in the field of thermal insulation – acquired its first stake in SUMTEQ GmbH in autumn 2015. In addition to the financial participation, both companies are also linked by a strategic partnership. The common goal of va-Q-tec and SUMTEQ is to pilot and launch the products of SUMTEQ as another high performance insulation material in the field of vacuum insulation technology.

CCFJ Asset management GmbH is backed by a Hamburg-based family of entrepreneurs that complements its existing portfolio of industrial holdings, and intends to support SUMTEQ in future growth with capital.

maubach.icp GmbH and HeLiFra Beteiligungs GmbH are the respective investment companies of the private investors Dr. Klaus-Dieter Maubach and Dr. Heiner Frankemölle, who, in addition to their financial participation, support SUMTEQ in particular in an advisory capacity through know-how and network. maubach.icp GmbH has already held a stake in SUMTEQ since 2015.

Download the press release as pdf: Press release

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