Technical Insulation

Increasing the energy efficiency of products and technical processes

Beyond the building sector, Insute also opens up a wide range of possibilities in technical insulation. Thanks to the flexibly adjustable particle size, the particles penetrate into the smallest angles and thus provide ideal insulation.

Insute is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Whether it is the insulation of double-walled liquid gas tanks, refrigerators and freezers or small thermal containers - the material guarantees a long-lasting maintenance of the desired temperature.

Insute also provides ideal thermal insulation for complex shapes. It is used both as an additive for insulating pastes and for insulating hollow bodies, pipes and profiles.

Window Profile

Thermo Containers

Pipe Insulation

Thermo Containers
and Flasks

Spreads even in the smallest
cavities thanks to adaptable
particle size

Insulation of
Different Shapes

Flexibly applicable to round
bodies, such as pipes

Cooling and Freezing Units

Weight and space saving
thanks to high insulation effect

Liquid Gas Tanks for
Storage and Transport

Insulation for limited cavities
and special forms


The Better Insulation

Energy-efficient solutions for
construction and technical applications

The More Efficient Carrier

For processing liquids
and for microencapsulation

Product Development
Diverse fields of application

In cooperation with our industrial partners,
we are continuously working on the
development of new products

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