Highly efficient insulation - low energy use

Where conventional insulation reaches its limits, Insute comes into play. The high-performance insulating material convinces above all with its extraordinary insulating capacity and is extremely space-saving and flexible in its application - whether in thermal insulation plaster or in blow-in insulation in double-shell masonry.

From the preservation of centuries-old facades to the realisation of energy-efficient new buildings Insute provides the right solution.

In the insulation of existing buildings with double-skin masonry, even with limited cavities, insulation that meets current standards can be ensured. This allows for the conversion to a heat pump and thus the transition from fossil energy while preserving the facade, even in houses with limited gap widths in the masonry.

Blow-in Insulation
for the smallest cavities to achieve the energy standards

Insulating plaster
for interior and exterior use

Insute also offers many possibilities in the field of insulating plaster, both in interior and exterior applications. By reducing the layer thickness of interior plasters, valuable living space is preserved thanks to our high-performance insulating material. Even screed can be made more stable and thinner with Insute while maintaining the same insulation performance. This proves to be an ideal solution, especially for listed buildings, where the possibilities for insulation are limited due to building regulations, such as door height requirements.

Insute insulating plasters can also be used to flexibly process building structures and insulate difficult-to-reach areas and curves. For example, the material is used to insulate half-timbered houses, round towers or corners and niches in facades. And even in new buildings, our insulating plaster offers a decisive improvement in building insulation, even with a low layer thickness.

Blow-in Insulation

Double-skin masonry walls, especially suitable for small cavities
λ < 25 mW/mK

Insulating plaster

Refurbishment of old buildings and insulation of new constructions
λ < 40 mW/mK


Optimal balance of
strength and insulation

Lightweight Concrete

The ideal solution for insulating
walls, ceilings and further
construction elements


The Better Insulation

Energy-efficient solutions for
construction and technical applications

The More Efficient Carrier

For processing liquids
and for microencapsulation

Product Development
Diverse fields of application

In cooperation with our industrial partners,
we are continuously working on the
development of new products

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