SUMTEQ GmbH reaches 3rd place at the StartGreen Award 2019
14 Jan, 2020. 0 Comments. AwardsNew. Posted By: admin

SUMTEQ GmbH takes 3rd place at the StarGreen Award 2019 in the category SDG 12 Circular Economy

SUMTEQ GmbH took part in the Start Green Award 2019 in Berlin. The StartGreen Award is the prize awarded to companies that support the green economy.

This year the organisation presented four categories:

  • Start-up concepts (not yet founded)
  • Start-ups (founded, 0-10 years)
  • Future Mobility – powered by InnoEnergy (founded, 0-10 years)
  • SDG 12: Circular Economy – powered by SDG INVESTMENTS with support from FUNKELFEUER (founded, 0-10 years)

This was a rewarding experience for SUMTEQ®, as it was able to demonstrate the efficiency of the SUMFOAM process and its support in the green economy, and to build a large network of contacts with companies and institutes that share our goal: sustainability.

More information directly at the StartGreen Award 

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