The high-performance material SUMFOAM®.

Materialstruktur: SUMTEQ Platte
Materialstruktur: SUMTEQ Pulver
Materialstruktur: SUMTEQ Granulat


  • Acrylic copolymer as starting material
  • Open-cell, flexibly modifiable nanostructure (< 50 nm)
  • High thermal insulation performance < 23 mW/mK
  • Density depending on pore size between 50 – 100 g/l
  • High pressure stability > 0.7 Mpa
  • High absorption capacity > 7 kg/kg (e.g. oil)
  • BET Surface area > 100 m²/g
  • Extremely hydrophobic surface
  • Temperature resistance up to 80 °C
  • Cost-effective and scalable foaming process of the polymer
  • Form flexible design (granulate, flake, powder, panel, shaped part)
  • 100% foamed with climate-neutral blowing agent

The innovative SUMTEQ technology enables for the first time a practicable, scalable and efficient production of polymer nanofoams, in which there is enormous economic, social and political interest, particularly due to the excellent insulating properties.

SUMFOAM® - Features

Due to the very low thermal conductivity of SUMFOAM®, there is a significant saving of energy and a consequent conservation of valuable resources.
Due to its increased efficiency, SUMFOAM® can be used in a space-saving manner, resulting in a significant gain in usable volume.
The nanostructuring of SUMFOAM® offers an enormous mechanical stability at low weight, which enables its use as a durable, load-bearing element.
SUMFOAM® is exclusively foamed with climate-friendly CO₂ and also offers 100% recyclability.
The innovative technology allows a high degree of shape flexibility. In addition, SUMFOAM® is dust-free and easy to machine.

SUMFOAM® – Technologie

SUMFOAM® is the first foamed polymer material with a homogeneous nanostructure, which can be produced under industrial conditions.

The diameter of the foam pores is in the submicron range and the foam consists of more than 90% air. The foam pores with sizes of a few hundred nanometers are smaller than the tiniest bacteria. This means that one liter of foam has a surface area equal to the size of 10 football pitches. The number of pores of more than a trillion comes close to the number of sand grains of all beaches in the world.

As a consequence of having this ultrafine structure SUMFOAM® combines unique material properties. It is especially the Knudsen-Effect that significantly improves the insulation properties creating a huge leap in energy efficiency compared to conventional insulating materials with the positive effect of a sustainable conservation of resources.

In addition SUMFOAM® is characterized by an extremely high mechanical stability at a relatively low density and so it can be easily formed and shaped without producing dust. As the foaming process is exclusively performed with climate-friendly CO2 and the product can be recycled 100%, a huge ecological benefit can be achieved.

SUMFOAM® has the potential for completely new and sustainable material solutions in the field of many diverse applications.


SUMFOAM® – Applications

SUMFOAM® combines improved and unique material properties due to nanostructuring. In particular, SUMFOAM® is characterized by an excellent insulation performance. In addition, the material is characterized by a very high mechanical stability at relatively low density as well as an extremely high hydrophobic property.


Vacuum Isolations Panels (VIPs)

Vakuumisolationspanele (VIP)

Parget an der Wand



Gebäude- und Fensterfassaden




Transport- und Kühllogistik

Thermische Verpackungen


SUMTEQ Emobility

E-Mobility (Batterien)

We focus on all relevant applications where differences in temperature have to be kept constant and where there is a need for efficient, space-saving high-performing insulation.

They are including a large variety of useful options in most diverse segments of industrial branches like

  • Vacuum insulation panels (VIPs)
  • Insulating plaster
  • Facades for buildings or windows
  • Cooling devices
  • Cold chain logistics
  • Thermal packaging
  • E-Mobility (batteries)

Additional applications

Oil Binding








Technische Anwendungen

Sonstige technische Anwendungen

We are constantly engaged in spotting and evaluating new alternative applications for SUMFOAM® like

  • Absorption
  • Coatings
  • Lightweight constructions (e.g. for ships or rotor blades)
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Further technical applications