To be an innovative high-tech start-up company

Produce high-performance insulating materials based on nanoporous polymer foams.
Further develop and industrialize the innovative SUMTEQ technology.
Bring the resulting product SUMFOAM® to market maturity and market it.
Set standars
Thus breaking the development platform of conventional insulating materials and preparing the way for a new generation of insulating materials.
and contribute significantly to saving energy and conserving resources in a sustainable way.


Dr. Alexander Müller, Managing Partner

Dr. Alexander Müller

Managing Partner

Marketing & Sales

PhD in physical chemistry in the field of polymer nanotechnology at the University of Cologne until 2013


Creator of SUMFOAM®

Founder of SUMTEQ GmbH since 2014



Dr. Roland Oberhoffer, Sumteq GmbH Managing Partner

Dr. Roland Oberhoffer

Managing Partner

Production & Technology

PhD in physical chemistry in the field of polymer nanotechnology at the University of Cologne until 2014


Creator of SUMFOAM®

Founder of SUMTEQ GmbH since 2014



Michael Hoffmann Managing Partner

Michael Hoffmann

Managing Partner

Finance & Investors

Studied economics at the universities of Trier and Maastricht and at the London School of Economics until 2007


Several years of professional experience in consulting and industry in the field of Corporate Finance & Strategy



SUMTEQ- Advisory Board

Dr. Klaus-Dieter Maubach

Leader of the advisory board

CEO of Capital Stage AG (Renewable Energies) Until 2016

CTO and Member of the Board of E.ON SE until 2013

Consultant and investor since 2015

Dr. Joachim Kuhn

Member of the Advisory Board

Founder and CEO of va-Q-tec AG

Consultant and investor (va-Q-tec AG) since 2015

Prof. Reinhard Strey

Member of the Advisory Board

Professor of physical chemistry at the University of Cologne until 2015

Founding shareholder

Creator of SUMFOAM®

Dr. Cornelius Liedtke

Member of the Advisory Board

Founder and partner of the B&L Group

Investor since 2018

Dr. Heiner Frankemölle

Member of the Advisory Board

Senior Partner (Emeritus) bei McKinsey & Company

Consultant and investor since 2018

Oliver Bergner

Member of the Advisory Board

Representative of Hop Veredlung St. Johann GmbH

Consultant and investor since 2019

SUMTEQ- Historie


SUMTEQ GmbH is a high-tech start-up from Cologne founded in 2014 with the purpose of manufacturing and distributing SUMFOAM® – an innovative, nanoporous high-performance material.

Two of the managing partners of the GmbH are Alexander and Roland. Both founders decided to not only leave the know-how for the production of SUMFOAM® and the underlying promising technology, which they had acquired during their doctorate at the Physical-Chemical Institute of the University of Cologne, as written words in their dissertations, but to develop it further and bring it to market maturity. They were supported by their PhD supervisor and co-founder Prof. Strey. Michael was integrated from day one and complements the founding team with his several years of professional experience in consulting and industry, especially in the areas of finance, strategy and organizational development.

The SUMTEQ team thus consists of goal-oriented, conscientious yet spontaneous lateral thinkers for whom “problems” mean “challenges” and for whom the goal, the solution of the customer’s needs, is the most important thing.

bis 2014
Entwicklung von unterschiedlichen Verfahren zur Herstellung von Polymer-Nanoschäumen
Gründung der SUMTEQ GmbH
Übertragung des IP und Know-hows in die SUMTEQ GmbH
Einstieg der va-Q-tec AG und maubach.icp GmbH in die SUMTEQ GmbH
Abschluss der 1. Finanzierungsrunde
Skalierung der Technologie auf produktionsnahe Bedingungen
Erster Prototyp entwickelt
Bewilligung verschiedener Förderprojekte
Erstmalige öffentl. Vorstellung der SUMTEQ-Technologie und von SUMFOAM (Redner auf der 11th Global Insulation Conference)
Start Kleinstserienproduktion
Lambda-Performance < 23
Weitere Prototypen entwickelt
Anmeldung weiterer Patente
Erste Produktzulassung von SUMFOAM (Ölbindemittel)
Skalierung der Technologie auf großvolumigen industriellem Produktionsmaßstab
Abschluss der 2. Finanzierungsrunde
Standortverlagerung in den Industriepark Isola
Abschluss der 3. Finanzierungsrunde
Aufnahme der Kleinserienproduktion
Aussteller bei der Internationalen Kunststoffmesse K in Düsseldorf


“Young entrepreneur” is required.

As a young and growing start-up we are always looking for interesting, motivated “young entrepreneurs” who want to support us in the technological or commercial field. We are looking for full- and part-time employees as well as working students.

If you have initial work experience, entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy working in a start-up company, you could soon be part of the SUMTEQ team.

Does that sound good? Then we would like to hear from you!

In addition, we are also looking for specific staff. Take your chance and apply for the following vacancies:


To apply, please send your current resume and a cover letter describing your motivation and interest in working with us to